How You and Your Children May Live Like the Book of Acts

Every article in this series “Rain on Fire” is written simply as a tool for your family to use in exploring and living like the believers in the book of Acts. Do not attempt without coming to Jesus in humble prayer asking for His grace and power. Review Principle #1: Be Directed by the Holy Spirit, Principle #2: Jesus is ALIVE, So Live Like it!, Principle #3: Wait to Open the Gift! and Principle #4: BE a Witness!

Principle #5Be Ready for Jesus’ Soon Return

A Bible Study for the Whole Family:


  1. Invite everyone to stand up and form a circle. Ask everyone to spread out their arms full length to measure how much space you should have between each family member.
  2. Walk behind each family member and tap each person’s shoulder as you say, “Duck.”
  3. When you tap a person and say “Goose”, you are to run around the circle as fast as you can to see if you can stand in their place before they catch you. The person you tap and call “Goose” is to leave the place where they were standing and run and try to catch you before you stand in their place.
  4. Invite everyone to have a turn doing what you just did!              
  5. Ask: What do you need to do to play this game successfully? What could cause a fast runner to lose in this game? (If he was not paying attention and was not ready to run he would miss his moment to catch the one leading in Duck, Duck, Goose.)
  6. Today we will search God’s Word to be ready to meet Jesus when He returns to take us home to Heaven.
  7. Pray for the Holy Spirit to teach the Word of God to each one in your family.


  1. Please read Acts 1:9-11. Where did Jesus go? (Look at all three verses.) How would you have felt to see Jesus leave you if you had been there with the disciples? How will Jesus return?
  2. Read I Thessalonians 4:16-18. Get a large piece of paper and some crayons, colored pencils or colored markers. Give each one something to draw with. As a family, draw a picture of everything mentioned in these verses. Each person gets to draw one thing mentioned in verses 16-18. Ask each person to share what is most special to them about Jesus coming again.

**For Additional Study: Jesus spoke often about His return. Explore these texts to know more His return: Matthew 25, Luke 21, I Corinthians 15:50-58, Revelation 1:7, 19:11, 22:7,20.

Call to Action: Apply

  1. Why did the angels tell the disciples that Jesus would return? How do you think this news affected their priorities each day?
  2. Let’s ask God to impress us about what needs to change in our priorities so we can be ready to meet Jesus. Pray together.
  3. Discuss: What can we do as a family to keep Jesus’ coming on our minds?


Every day practice making choices that help you be ready to meet Jesus face to face.


Thank God that Jesus will come to take us home soon!

Do you long to live, love, and lead your family by the power of the Holy Spirit? Do you hunger for your home to be a Holy Spirit led disciple-making center in your neighborhood? Come and join me in discovering how the Holy Spirit worked with imperfect believers in the book of Acts who dared to surrender to Jesus as Lord. What the Spirit of God did in the first century is an inspiring prophecy of what He is ready to do now in your life and family today!

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