How You and Your Children May Live Like the Book of Acts

Every article in this series “Rain on Fire” is written simply as a tool for your family to use in exploring and living like the believers in the book of Acts. Do not attempt without coming to Jesus in humble prayer asking for His grace and power. Review Principle #1: Be Directed by the Holy Spirit and Principle #2Jesus is ALIVE, So Live Like it!

Principle #3: Wait to Open the Gift!

A Bible Study for the Whole Family:


  1. Invite everyone in the family to act out a time in their life that required them to wait. Ask the family to guess each one’s situation.
  2. Ask: Is it easy or difficult to wait? When is it worthwhile to wait?
  3. Today we will discover what it means to our family to wait for Someone God promised.
  4. Pray for the Holy Spirit to help each one in your family to know Jesus through His Word.


  1. Read Acts 1:4,5. What instructions did Jesus give His disciples before He returned to Heaven? For what promise did Jesus tell the disciples to wait?
  2. What did Jesus promise, God the Father would give when we asked? Read Luke 11:11-13. How much does God want to give us this Gift? Story: When our kids were young and I would come home from a mission trip, they would run to meet me and we would have a big bear hug! They would talk all at once trying to tell me about everything important that I had missed as their daddy while I was gone. When there was a pause in the talking, one or more would start looking over at my luggage as if they were expecting something. “Did you bring us anything, Daddy?” They would ask. I would start looking through my luggage for some little treasures that I had brought for them from another country. Looking back on those times, it was not just the kids who were excited about the gifts! As a daddy who loves my children, I couldn’t wait for the moment when I could give them a little surprise to remind them of how much I love them.
  3. Jesus is always our example! Read Luke 3:16,17 to see what John prophesied of Jesus the Messiah. Read also Luke 3:21,22. In what two ways was Jesus baptized?

**For Additional Study: Jesus told His disciples to wait to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Check out the following stories of other times God’s people had to wait: Genesis 7:1-10, Joshua 6:1-20, and I Samuel 13:8-14. What do we learn by waiting on God and His perfect plan?

Call to Action


  1. What positive changes would come to our family if we waited each morning before beginning the day to ask for and receive the promised Gift of the Holy Spirit?
  2. What are we as a family willing to give up so that we will have the time to ask for and receive the Holy Spirit each morning?
  3. Should we plan some time as family members to wait for what Jesus promised? Why or why not?


Every day pray for what Jesus promised you in Acts 1:4,5 and pause a few minutes to receive this Gift by faith.


Pray together to be thirsty as a family for the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

Do you long to live, love, and lead your family by the power of the Holy Spirit? Do you hunger for your home to be a Holy Spirit led disciple-making center in your neighborhood? Come and join me in discovering how the Holy Spirit worked with imperfect believers in the book of Acts who dared to surrender to Jesus as Lord. What the Spirit of God did in the first century is an inspiring prophecy of what He is ready to do now in your life and family today!

Access part 1 and part 2 in the series. When will the next article in this series be published? The next article will be published in 4-5 weeks.

Consider sharing how this Bible study has blessed you, your family and others by commenting below.

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