Time to Get Ready Ministries is launching a new section called Plant-Based Recipes on Friday, March 12. It will fall under our Be Well section.

We plan to publish a new plant-based recipe one to two times a month — and grow this to publish more frequently in the near future.

We’re blessed to have three talented writers from California, Alaska and New York that will share their recipes with readers:

  • Cynthia is a 21-year old from White Plains, New York. She is the founder of Muscovado Sweets, a made-to-order bakery that focuses on tasteful vegan desserts. Cynthia desires to spread joy not only through who she is but through what she creates. 
  • Jessica is a registered dietitian and registered nurse and passionate about health and wellness. She graduated from Bastyr University in 2015 with a Master of Science in Nutrition. Currently, Jessica works alongside her husband at Modern Manna Ministries and serving their BellaVita Lifestyle Center guests. More importantly, she is a full-time mother to two sweet little boys and loves God with her whole heart. 
  • Joy lives in Alaska with her family and enjoys all the outdoor adventures Alaska has to offer. She grew up in a vegan home and spent many hours cooking with her mom. She loves to try new plant-based recipes and enjoys sharing good food with friends. 

We’re also planning to enable comments for each plant-based recipe (goal is to enable this by April) — we hope that this will encourage each of us to try the recipes and share feedback with others.

It’s our prayer that you’ll be blessed spiritually and physically by our plant-based recipes and that you’ll share them with friends, family, and people in the community — and that God will work in a mighty way to help us get ready, so Jesus can come!

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