“...before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.”

Isaiah 65:24

Nat and Katia were new parents to their first child, a sweet boy they named Jonathan. Occasionally, Jonathan was left with a sitter when both parents had to be away. Nat had always made it a point to show up before or at the exact time promised because of past childhood experiences. He had vowed to be there for his children when he became a parent and being on time was extremely important to him.

On this particular day, both parents were running errands while Jonathan was at the sitter’s house about an hour away from town. If they hurried, they would have just enough time to run one more errand to the post office and be back to pick up their son on time. They left the post office quickly and jumped back in the car. But the older vehicle would not start! Nat was desperate to pick up Jonathan on time and tried everything he could over the next half hour to get the car started. Nothing worked! Finally, Nat took Katia's hand and said, "Let's pray". Before they finished praying there was a knock on the window. The person asked if they needed help. Nat explained to the person that they were not able to get the car started. The man asked Nat to step out of the truck and he reached under the steering wheel, touched something, and then started the car. At that point Nat noticed the Ford emblem on his shirt. Nat was so shocked at how quickly the LORD answered his prayers! They were sitting in a parking lot, in their Ford Explorer, quietly praying when a Ford mechanic knocked on their car window asking if they needed help!

Call to Action

God is so faithful and delights in helping His children. God keeps His promises. Nat and Katia remembered to pray and seek guidance from above in their crisis. They sought help from their Creator trusting that He would make a way for them to make it to their child's babysitter. Won't you give God a chance? He knows your needs and is more than able to fulfill them.

All scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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