Magazine Beginnings

In 2017, God got my attention. He kindly reminded me about spending more time with Him. I had tried that before, but it had never worked. This time it did! Jesus became my best Friend because I started behaving like I was in a “relationship” with Him.

Let me explain. I started focusing on seven key relationship principles that included talking, listening, having fun (for me this involved singing), and intimacy (praying). After a few weeks of doing this, the enemy tried to discourage me and get me to quit. However, with God’s help and my complete surrender to Him, I stayed focused on Jesus, my new best Friend. Since the growth of my relationship with Jesus, my life has changed and I’m eternally thankful to God for reminding me about the importance of time with Him.

Fast forward two years. In July 2019, the Lord put a burden on my heart to start a magazine focused on getting people ready for Jesus’ soon return. I wasn’t sure about the idea, but I kept praying about it and He kept persistently reminding me to move forward. In August 2019, I began drafting short and long-term plans for a magazine that would publish encouraging and enlightening articles that empowered (thanks to the power of the Holy Spirit) people to take action — to get ready and help others get ready.

By April 2020, thanks to God’s incredible blessings, He had helped to assemble a team of writers and editors from around the world.

On July 1, 2020, we launched Time to Get Ready Ministries.

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Jesus wants to come, but people have not been ready. Are you tired of the delay?

At Time to Get Ready Ministries, we are working hard to share the “Get Ready” message with as many people as possible! Since launching, we've reached more than 500,000 people through online communication campaigns. As we close out 2020, we're excited to see what God does in 2021!

Your tax-deductible gifts to Time to Get Ready Ministries will help share the “Get Ready” message with people all-around-the-world. Your investments are a vital part of sharing with others the urgent message that it’s Time to Get Ready — for every $10, more than 200 people visit and engage with Time to Get Ready Ministries.

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I don’t know about you, but for many years, I wanted heaven AND this world…My time with God was infrequent and inconsistent…Friends and family may not have noticed where I spent all my time and money outside of work, but God did. More importantly, He cared enough to help me.