“And I will give you a new heart, and I will put a new spirit in you. I will take out your stony, stubborn heart and give you a tender, responsive heart.”

Ezekiel 36:26 (NLT)

My sister, Damaris, suffered from glaucoma. She consulted with many doctors to no avail. Her sight continued to deteriorate until she could not read any text. She had to depend on her 10-year-old son to read the Bible to her. For several years, family and friends prayed for Damaris without any positive results.

One day a friend of mine shared Ezekiel 36:26 with me. It occurred to me that if God could do a heart transplant, then He could do an eye replacement! The thought of an “eye replacement” excited us. I called my sister and asked her to join us in asking God for an eye replacement. We prayed for 10 days asking that Jesus replace my sister’s eyes with His all-seeing eyes.

The tenth day of prayer coincided with a day of prayer and fasting for the sick in my home church in Edmonton, Alberta. I focused on my sister, and I kept repeating the prayer for an eye replacement. While we prayed in Canada, it was night in Uganda, and as Damaris slept she had a dream. She saw her church pastor wearing big glasses with six lenses. She requested that she try on the glasses. The pastor granted her request. To her surprise, she could see everything clearly! She returned the glasses and said she should get a similar set for herself. After that, she woke up and found that her eyes felt very itchy.

As Damaris started to scratch her eyes, she remembered the dream. She turned to the bedside stand and picked up an English quarterly, which had lain there unopened for over a year. To her surprise and utter amazement, she could read the words on the page! She tossed it down and picked up a vernacular quarterly. She could read the words! Damaris jumped out of bed, and picked up a Bible — the words stood out clearly on the page. She opened two more Bibles with the same results. Praise God! At that moment, it struck her that God had restored her vision! He had replaced her blind eyes with His eyes. My sister could see!!! She called me at 10:30 pm crying, “Jesus has given me His eyes! My vision has been restored!” I felt so humbled. We both started to cry, overwhelmed by God's kindness toward His children!

Call to Action

Many of us are spiritually blinded by sin. Jesus came to restore and recover sight for the blind (Luke 4:18). He is longing to restore your and my spiritual vision today if we ask Him in faith.

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