It was spring of 2000, and I was driving to Hidden Creek Golf Course in Burleson, Texas. Golf has been one of my favorite things to do since I started playing at three years old. My goals for the next several hours were to breathe the fresh air, walk four to five miles, enjoy the Texas sunshine, and as all golfers hope for — to play well. However, something else happened during this outing that made this particular day forever seared in my memory. Before I left the golf course, I almost died. The following is my story of God’s love, mercy, and miraculous power.

That day I was on a mission to play fast while walking 18 holes. It was great exercise on a beautiful day. When I had finished my round, I was intently focused on getting to my car quickly and heading back to the university campus. I didn’t realize that my blood sugar was dropping (this was before continuous glucose monitors) and my body was in urgent need of sugar. I had been a type 1 diabetic for almost six years and I rigorously watched my sugar level, ate snacks, and took care of myself. Not today. I had focused so much on playing quickly and getting back to the school campus that I had forgotten to eat more while walking briskly on the golf course. The rigorous pace of walking 18 holes took its toll.

Unconscious for 4+ Hours

I remember striding quickly to my car, putting my golf clubs in the trunk, opening my door, and getting in…and then I lost consciousness. One hour went by while I sat in my car, not aware of anything. Two hours went by, still unconscious. Three hours later, my body is fighting for life. No one is helping me. I sit unconscious in my car with severe hypoglycemia. Four hours later, I’m still not aware of anything. I’m sitting in my car still in the parking lot at the golf course. Does anyone see me struggling for life? No one comes to my car to help. My body continues to fight to survive. Five hours later, my eyes open. I’m still sitting in the driver’s seat of my car. My clothes are soaked with sweat. I realize my blood sugar level is low, but I sit still. Though I’m conscious, I’m not able to move and react like normal. Forty-five minutes later, I have the strength to open my door and walk into the clubhouse at Hidden Creek.

Once inside the club house, I sluggishly walk to the dining area and I order some food. I slowly start eating a candy bar and other food to raise my blood sugar. Fifteen minutes later, I start to feel better. Thirty minutes later, I start to think about what just happened and ask myself, “How come I’m alive after passing out from low blood sugar without anyone coming to help?” While I sat there and pondered the experience, I was amazed and extremely grateful to be alive. I should have died. I thought, “Why didn’t I die? Why am I still alive?” No one came to my car to give me an emergency glucagon injection. No one slowly fed me icing to get my sugar level up to awaken me. No one called 911 to get paramedics. After finishing up my much-needed food, I walked to my car full of energy and in awe of God’s love for me.

I later told a doctor what happened to me and asked for his explanation. He shared that it’s possible for your body to wake itself up by breaking down fat and making it into glucose. It’s a slow process and your body may or may not wake up. Every year diabetics die from hypoglycemia, but I didn’t, and I praise the Lord for that miracle!

Before I left Hidden Creek Golf Course, I thanked the Lord for His mighty mercies and love and for saving my life that day. I came to the sudden realization that God must have something He wants me to do. Although, as a 19-year-old college freshman, I didn’t know what that was, I was thrilled to know that the King of the Universe wanted me alive and He had a purpose for my life. That day, before I left the golf course, I committed to praise the Lord each day when He wakes me up for another day of life!

Call to Action

I encourage you to join me in thanking God each day for life. Each day is a gift from Him. Let us rejoice, give thanks, and daily ask Him: “What can I do to help hasten Jesus’ coming?”

“Praise the Lord! Praise God in his sanctuary; praise him in his mighty heavens! Praise him for his mighty deeds; praise him according to his excellent greatness! Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!”

Psalm 150:1,2,6 (ESV)

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