He has told you, humanity, what is good and what the Lord requires from you: to do justice, embrace loving mercy, and walk humbly with your God.


Walking for many is an everyday activity that receives less attention than it deserves. There are incredible benefits to walking, including improved fitness, stronger bones, reduced stress, and a more robust immune system.¹

There are everyday activities in the Christian life that also receive less attention than they deserve. This month’s Get Ready Magazine theme is: Walking with Jesus. We hope you are blessed by the articles that highlight the importance of personal worship, claiming Bible promises, and living in the present moment.

Jesus is coming back again soon! Are you ready?


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Recent Articles

Ready to Behold!
Ready to Behold!
Time to Get Ready Team · Jun 6 1 minute read

This month’s Get Ready Magazine theme is: Ready to Behold! We hope these articles empower you to claim God’s promises, eat for eternity, and guard against distracting influences!

Standing on the Promises
Standing on the Promises
Time to Get Ready Team · Apr 11 1 minute read

Hymn writer Russell Kelso Carter’s life-long claim to Christianity was deeply challenged by a health crisis. Kelso had written the famous hymn, “Standing on the Promises,” before it seemed he would certainly die of a heart condition.

Healthy by Faith!
Healthy by Faith!
Time to Get Ready Team · Mar 14 1 minute read

This month's theme is: Healthy by Faith! These articles are designed to strengthen your spiritual, mental, and physical health through thoughtful and inspiring moments with God's word, and the testimony of His people.