Are you interested in experiencing the greatest miracle of all? I hope so! The most amazing miracle each of us can experience is the transformational work that God does in us when we surrender and ask Him to clean us of sin, selfishness, and whatever else is weighing us down. 

The Holy Spirit is ready to be poured out into our lives (Luke 11:9-13), to fill us and allow the fragrance (Christ's character) to shine through us to others. God wants to give us a new heart. We just have to ask God and allow Him to perform the greatest miracle of all.

"Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me."

Psalm 51:10 ESV

This month, 10 amazing miracle stories focus on God's miraculous power and love for us—which draws us to Him and a desire for Him to perform: The Greatest Miracle of All.

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We encourage you to connect daily with Jesus. Ask Him to reign supreme in your life. He will free you from any chains that bind you, and you will experience the greatest miracle of all. 

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Top 10+ Stories from 2023
Top 10+ Stories from 2023
Time to Get Ready Team · Feb 6 1 minute read

For this e-Magazine, we are featuring the most-read articles published in 2023. We pray that you are blessed as you read and share and as the Holy Spirit leads you and others in this new year.

Praying for Rain
Praying for Rain
Time to Get Ready Team · Oct 30 1 minute read

Jesus is ready to come. He's just waiting for His people to be ready, so He can pour out the "Latter Rain" and the final work can be completed. How can we be ready to receive the "Latter Rain"? Here are three important steps...

Claiming God's Promises
Claiming God's Promises
Time to Get Ready Team · Sep 26 1 minute read

God is ready and willing to do more for each of us, but are we ready and willing to know His promises and ask Him for more? He wants us to know Him and His Word better, but are we willing to...