In every setting, someone is either making a decision for Christ or making a decision against Christ.

Our world is spiraling more out of control with each passing day. Violence is on the rise, death and sickness are at every turn, disasters, corruption, and the effects of sin can be seen everywhere. The events foretold in Matthew 24 are unfolding before our very eyes. Our country is in chaos; our world is in chaos. Sometimes it seems that no matter where we look, troubles and trials are not far from sight. They may be happening in our own homes. However big or small, no one is exempt from them. Even Christians cannot escape from the troubles of this world.

Such occurrences can cause people to either come closer to Christ or walk away from Him; to choose Him, or forsake Him. Satan designs all these events to discourage us and to ultimately distract us from the true will and true purpose that God has for us, and to destroy our faith. We must not allow the things in this world to distract our focus from Christ. We have two choices: to allow these situations to draw us to Christ or to walk away from Him. Satan wants to divert our focus away from God’s purpose for our lives. We are told that by beholding we become changed. It is easy to allow these events to distract our focus without proper safety.

Who or where is our safety? How can we make it safely through the storms of this life? Whom can we turn to and whom can we trust? There is an invitation and a promise to all those who accept it. We need to abide in Jesus. In John 15:5 Jesus tells the importance of abiding in Him. Psalm 91 tells us of a special and specific place where His children are to abide — under His wings. Psalms 91:1 says to “abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” The word “abide” in Hebrew can also mean “lodge,” which can mean “to reside” or “to dwell.” Verses 2–4 say He will cover us with His feathers, He will be our shield, our refuge, and we can find safety in Him. No matter what may be going on out in the world or with personal struggles or trials, He will protect us, cover us with His wings, and safely guide us.

Our Only Safety

Trials often tempt people to forsake God completely, but there is only One way of making it safely through. The only way we will be ready for His soon return is by abiding closely in the shadow of His wings. Abiding in the shadow of His wings is where we find our safety. You would need to be in close proximity to someone in order to be in their shadow. It is the same with abiding under the shadow of God’s wings. We must be in close proximity without distance, which is made possible with an infilling of the Holy Spirit. Our focus must be kept on God Almighty. We must practice living daily in the shadow of the Most High God.

Let’s stay committed, trust in Jesus, and focus on where we are headed — Heaven. He that dwelleth in the shadow of the Most High, God will hide him under His wings.

Every trial that happens is an opportunity to come to Jesus, to be filled more with the Holy Spirit, and to be prepared for His second coming. May each of us take advantage of every opportunity to be filled with the Holy Spirit. May we all run to Jesus and find safety under His wings. We need His protection — we need to abide in Him.

We must not get distracted by the things that go on around us, we must look up to Jesus, trust in His care, and stay connected to Him. If you ever feel like you’re out there all alone, tossed to and fro in life’s stormy seas, God is inviting you to abide in Jesus and to find safety under His wings. We may not be able to escape the storms, but we can find peace amid them.

To those who choose Jesus as their Redeemer and trust in His merits, the assurance of His merciful love and protecting care is given. It is a protection that reaches far beyond the woes of this life and it is a protection that is eternal. Those who know Him and love Him and are faithful to Him will be kept safe under His wings.

Call to Action:

This invitation to abide under His wings is still viable today, so do not wait. Come close to Jesus, choose Him, stay with Him, and ask God daily to fill you anew with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit wants to guide you through today, and every tomorrow until Jesus returns and guides you to the Promise Land.

Do you have trials? Take it to Jesus today.

All scripture taken from the King James Version.

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