Unnoticed and unheeded came the angels, bright and fair,

To see who might be waiting for their Messiah dear.

They saw a people, unready, so unbothered by their Lord,

Steeped in themselves, their gain their loss, no time for Him could they afford.


The light of priests and prophets before Him had been put out

By the hard hearts of God’s people — the gospel they cared nothing about.

Although their lights were darkened, snuffed out one by one,

God said, “Surely, they will hear words of love through my Son.”


Glory in humanity’s veil was given to the earth

When God sent his only Son; a virgin did give birth.

Tiny, helpless, cold, and hungry was our Savior babe.

As Mary held Him closely in the animals’ cave.


No kings, no rulers, no priests or prophets were found far or near

To beckon the weary world to come and worship here.

No soft bed, no nurse, no help, no soul in this sweet stall

Although the brand-new babe had come to redeem all.


Yet the angel voice “Unto you a Savior” rings down through the centuries

To you and me this message calls out hope for our destinies.

Because the Lord, so full of love, put on humanity,

I can say to Him today, “Dear Lord, be born in me!”

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